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The Sims 4 The Sims 4 32 Bit Marker download

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The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition


– Installation Guide

– The Sims 4 City Living (version previously cracked with RELOADED crack)

– The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff

– The Sims 4 Vintage Glamor Stuff

**** NOTE that this game is often updated. DO NOT UPDATE immediately, because it will break your old crack.

For the latest news and work updates / cracks, check out our forum while we get the latest news, upgrades, and crackspublish everything else for this game. ****

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The Sims 3 CompleteCollection All Material Packages + Expansion Packs Repack DJ

Restart functions:

– UI languages ​​are in English (all languages ​​are available);

– The final version of the game:

– Precracked – set and play (not required by default);

– Set the time -30 minutes

– Ultimate size: + 8GB for store updates and worlds

– the register: yes

– Operating system: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win (32-bit and 64-bit)

Content included:

The Sims 3BaseGra

The Sims 3: Travel Adventures

Sims 3: high quality things for the loft

Sims 3: Ambitions

The Sims 3: Fast Lane stuff

The Sims 3: Late Night

The Sims3: Outdoor Living Stuff

Sims 3: Generation

Sims 3: life path

Sims 3: Pets

The Sims 3: Master Suite

The Sims 3: Showtime

Sims 3: Sweet Pieces by Katy Perry

Sims 3: Diesel equipment

Sims 3: supernatural

The Sims 3: Seasons

Sims 3: 70, 80s 90s

The Sims 3: University Life

The Sims 3: Island Ray

Sims 3: The movie

Sims 3: the future

ShopUpdates 1 to 26, which began in July 2011, were shipped as a separate bottle installation if you would like to install them (with simple installation instructions) …

You can easily add more store updates or custom content while the game is playing

Five more Sims World were also delivered separately

Both the store with updates and worlds are listed in the “Store and Worlds”

Sim 3 The universe is activated (you can add more):

1. Appaluzalevel


3. Isla Paradiso

4. Monthly decline

5. Star Trek

6th sunset from the valley

7. TwinBrush

8. Barnacle Bay (separate package installation)

9. Happy palms (separate installation of the package)

(separate package installation)

Tides (separate installation of the package)

Valley (separate installation of the package)

So the oath dragon comes out! I fixed a bug in the Valley of the Dragon, corrected instructions


CLOSE UR ANTIVIRUS EXCLUSIVELY EXPLORE(important), same for (For users of vavel: VidklyuchytyDeepScreen antivirus settings) … you need to install the current “dotnetframe” run (in the “redist”), the user xp, if the set is not, download and install compatible “Dotnetframe” with

Vanguard set this package to start, make sure that you 3 deinstalyuvaly each of your game Sims, in your system make sure in your “Documents” (“My Documents” friendly xp) No folder”Electronic Arts” After removing the previous game Sims3, as “Electronic Arts”, contains a folder called The Sims 3, which consists of cache and mods from your previous game, which can lead to damage to the folder will for this overpack after restored the first start.

NO FASHION WILL FIRST VIEW THE GAME, set it after the first game time

When you start the installation, select the appropriate software (Direct X and Visual C ++ in the Redist folder), setAs usual, play the game from the desktop

For the first time you open the game, it takes the game for some time (black screen). Be patient, next time it will start.

The game will always display the loading screen “Into the Future”, because this is the latest addition, where everything is part

When you download each world for the first time, it will take some time for you to download. It’s like playing 10 games at the same time (do not go away)that it is frozen), just wait to let it out

Refer to the “Performance Guide” text file I provided for the best performance to ensure that The Sims 3 has a problem with detecting many new graphics cards (especially when some graphics crashes are over) …….. ,

Do not download patches or updates of the game

The repackaging was done with English as a base bag, followed by all extensions, but all other languages ​​are included and there arefor example, a way to do that. Spanish:

Run Registry Editor with regedit, just type regedit in the runes, press Enter, click on the arrow next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click the arrow next to the software, click the arrow next to Wow6432Node (64-bit OS inshevykonayte next step), click on the arrow next to Symamy, click on the “Sims 3” dubbelklikop locale on the right side of the page, change the data “en-US” to “es-eS”in “sims” included here for all extension files do is what closed it and start the game in Spanish. Just enter your language code instead of “en-US” ….


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